Himni i Flamurit
Hymn to the flag
National anthem of Albania
Lyricist Aleksandër Stavre "Asdreni" Drenova
Composer Ciprian Porumbescu
Adopted 1912
Relinquished (not yet)
Himni i Flamurit (English: Hymn to the Flag) is Albania's national anthem. Its lyrics were first published as a poem in Liri e Shqipërisë (Freedom of Albania), an Albanian newspaper in Sofia, Bulgaria, in its issue of 21 April 1912. Later that year they appeared in a volume of collected poems by Drenova, under the title “Ëndra e lot” (Dreams and Tears), which was published in Bucharest. The official anthem uses only the first two stanzas of the original poem (the second stanza is used as a chorus).

The music of the anthem was composed by the Romanian composer Ciprian Porumbescu, originally for the song "Pe-al nostru steag e scris Unire" (or "E scris pe tricolor unire").

Back when Albania first gained independence as a monarchy in 1912 from Italy, “Hymni i Flamurit” was adopted, and has been kept as the anthem through its period as a Communist/Marxist state and now as a democratic nation. The original title of the hymn was “Betimi mi flamur,” or “Pledge to the Flag.”

Lyrics Edit

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Albanian lyrics Translation
First stanza

Rreth flamurit të përbashkuar
Me një dëshir' e një qëllim,
Të gjith' atij duke iu betuar
Të lidhim besën për shpëtim.

Around our flag we stand united,
With one wish and one goal,
A sacred oath we bestow upon it
Proclaiming loyalty for our salvation.

Second stanza

Prej lufte veç ai largohet
Që është lindur tradhëtar,
Kush është burrë nuk frikësohet,
Po vdes, po vdes si një dëshmor!

From war abstains only he,
Who a traitor is born,
He who is a true man is not frightened,
But dies a martyr to the cause.

Third stanza (not usually sung)

Në dorë armët do t'i mbajmë,
Të mbrojmë atdheun në çdo kënd,
Të drejtat tona ne s'i ndajmë;
Këtu armiqtë s'kanë vënd!

With weapons in our hands a-brandished,
We will defend our fatherland,
Our sacred rights we’ll not relinquish,
The foe has no place in our land.

Fourth stanza (not usually sung)

Se Zoti vetë e tha me gojë
Që kombe shuhen përmbi dhé,
Po Shqipëria do të rrojë;
Për të, për të luftojmë ne!

For God himself proclaimed:
The nations of the earth shall wane,
And yet will live, will thrive Albania.
For her our fight won’t be in vain.

Fifth stanza (not sung)

O Flamur, flamur, shenj' e shenjtë
tek ti betohemi këtu
për Shqipërinë, atdheun e shtrenjtë,
për nder' edhe lavdimn e tu.

O Flag, flag, you sacred symbol
upon you we now swear
for Albania, our dear fatherland
for honour and your commends

Sixth stanza (not sung)

Trim burrë quhet dhe nderohet
atdheut kush iu bë therror.
Përjetë ai do të kujtohet
mbi dhe, nën dhe si një shenjtor!

Brave man is named and honoured
the one who sacrificed himself for the fatherland
Forever he will be remembered
on earth and under as a saint!

Audio SampleEdit


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